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Nutrition Reviews

ABC Family Chiropractic and Wellness Nutritional Services Make a Difference!

Review a selection of ABC Family Chiropractic and Wellness nutritional patient testimonials below and please contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,
Karen Potter, Holistic Health Coach and Wellness Educator

  • Anxiety, depression, back pain, and muscle tensions throughout my body were major struggles in my life. I was on a host of psychiatric medicine, none of which seemed to work for any extended period of time. I was also using marijuana to manage my pain. Now I live day to day life without psychiatric medication and my pain has diminished to the point where I no longer need marijuana to function. I am very grateful for this opportunity to improve my health and I look forward to making even more progress in the future.
  • I am so thankful for the new lease on life I’ve been given since I started my nutritional program. I have seen such a difference in my mood/anxiety. I do not *need* to nap every day, in fact, I don’t nap anymore! I haven’t been nearly as sick -or sick as often – as last winter/year. I completely attribute my strong immunity to the work you’ve done with me and I am SO grateful.I hope you know what amazing work you are doing! God has given you a beautiful gift – I hope you see what a beautiful gift He has given you and what a beautiful gift you are to all you come in contact with!
  • I had a lot of joint pain and struggled with my overall wellbeing even though I was trying to eat healthfully and I was spending a lot of money of quality food and supplements. I was getting frustrated and annoyed that my efforts were not supporting a quality/healthy outcome. Seeing Karen helped educate me on what my body really wanted and needed, as well as what I needed to stay away from since it was irritating my body. This was the beginning of my walk back toward true health.
    I now feel very good most of the time! Despite life still being very challenging, my body and mind are adapting to those challenges much better. Karen’s advice and supplements are well worth the cost as there is nothing worse than spending lots of money on things to improve health, but that my body does not need. On my nutrition program, my body continues to respond with increased well being. I highly recommend her services if you’re willing to do your part in following her advice.

  • Before I started my nutritional program, I had ongoing digestive problems including pain, bloating, and discomfort. I had eczema and a skin rash, a cold allergy, and severe cramping and PMS from my monthly periods. I am much better now! Diet adjustments and supplements have really helped with my digestive problems that I’ve had for over five years. Karen and Jenna are always attentive to what I need and I have been able to increase and decrease my supplements depending on how I am feeling. My bowel movements have been much more regular and I am able to pinpoint when and what any problems are from.
  • My two biggest issues I needed addressed were constipation, which I suffered with for forty years, and body pain in my back, hips, legs, and hands. Since starting my nutrition program, I no longer have constipation and my body pain has improved. Using muscle testing, Karen has also discovered I could go off supplements I was certain I needed. It’s great to have someone who can determine specifically what my body needs. Her products are excellent.

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