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Karen Potter, MS, HHC  | (Holistic Health Coach and Wellness Educator)

Arlington MA Chiropractor Team Member, Karen Potter

Karen Potter, MS, HHC

In my early twenties I was searching for answers for health, weight management and how to live and age healthfully. I grew up on a standard American Diet and for most of my life I had no problems with weight or health, but as I approached my twenties, the weight began to creep up. I found myself 20+ pounds overweight and feeling tired a lot.

I began researching “diets” and tried many of the popular ones around; high protein, low carb, no-fat, calorie counting, carb counting… and others, without much luck and still struggling to lose weight. I was introduced to eating whole, real food by a friend and began a journey I am still on today. I learned about eating healthy whole foods as a lifestyle, not a diet. I began consuming real, whole foods and learned how to cook whole grains, and prepare dishes with real food, avoiding processed foods.

Not only did I lose weight, but I began to feel healthier. This was now a lifestyle I felt I could keep for a lifetime, and my family and my own health have benefited tremendously. All my children were raised eating real food and none of them have had any weight issues. I personally lost the extra 20 pounds and after having 4 children, I have maintained that healthy weight through each stage of my life. Now, 30+ years later I still have a healthy weight (it hasn’t changed) and I have been able to take control of my own health. I rarely get sick, or even get a cold…and am able to handle any health issues with nutritional therapies instead of using medications or drugs.

We live in a very toxic world, and even though I consumed a very healthy diet, I found I needed some support to help me through some health challenges that came my way.  I suffered from Lyme’s disease several years back which led me to have some joint issues and thyroid issues.  I sought out some holistic help from a Nutrition Response Testing® practitioner and found that they could help identify stressors to healing and nutritional deficiencies.  By utilizing whole food nutrition, herbs and homeopathy, I was put on a path to healing.  This was in line with my own personal belief that “food is thy medicine and medicine is thy food” as Hippocrates said.

In 2012-2014 I pursued my Masters in Health and Nutrition Education so I could help educate others as well.   Because I also saw the benefit of Nutrition Response Testing and the ability to identify the underlying causes of dis-ease and ill health, I began my training in Nutrition Response Testing®.  I am now a graduate of the prestigious Ulan Nutritional Advanced Clinical Training program and practice alongside my husband, Dr. Mark Potter, DC.I am so excited to share this with everyone I know and to offer our practice members a way to restore and maintain health, safely and naturally.

My passion is to teach and equip others to have the success I had! I want to help others to be healthy, maintain a healthy weight, have good energy and focus, and have great skin and vibrant health! With degenerative diseases on the rise- heart disease, cancer and diabetes as well as a rising obesity epidemic, people are feeling sick, confused and uncertain of where to turn and what to do to prevent and reverse the risks of chronic illness. My approach to helping others is twofold: Through education and implementation of healthy strategies and life skills and through Nutrition Response Testing® I help my clients understand their unique bio-individuality and to learn how eating real food and having a personalized nutrition program their health can dramatically change. I am dedicated to helping and educating each of our clients and their families to have optimal health and wellness!

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